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Mamma Agata Cookbook 5th Ed.!

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From Carl from California

Overall experience 5 stars

Chiara, Your packages arrived late yesterday, and I did not open them until this morning. I opened one end of the bubble wrapped cookbooks, and carefully slid out the one on the top. I noticed the ribbon, and thought how nice it was that you put ribbons on the books! Then I noticed that the one I had pulled was the one you signed personally for myself and Shannon, and it was the first one I too...k out. How sweet of you! I love your words and the signatures from everyone else, but the real surprise was still ahead... Chiara,I used to work in restaurants, and I used to collect cookbooks. At one time I had several hundred cookbooks in my collection. Some were used more than others, some were never used at all. But in all of the books I have ever known, yours stands above the rest. Simply stated, it's spectacular. I started flipping through the pages and was instantly transported back to Ravello. I could not put it down, as I kept reading. The stories, the photography, the layout, everything, completely impressed me. Yes, you book is like your hidden treasure; a gift from the heart, except that the book can travel anywhere. Now people around the world will have the opportunity to meet you, Mamma, and your beautiful family... treasures hidden no longer. Congratulations on a great work of love. And have a wondrous holiday season, Carl

From Frank Daniels

Overall experience 5 stars

Actually I just wanted to comment on Mamma Agatas cook book. I absolutely love it. I cannot pick out my favorits recipe because I love them all, each one that I have tried was finished to perfection. I do find however that the one recipe that I make at least once a week is the pizza dough. If you follow the directions exactly it comes out perfect. Thanks Mamma Agata

From Lorraine Christensen

Overall experience 5 stars

I had the pleasure to meet Chiara and Genarro in Dallas Texas last week, I was lucky to receive their cookbook and spent all weekend pouring through the pages, of outstanding beauty of the region and the wonderful recipes that I can't wait to try. I can imagine my self being in the cooking school one day. It is not only an easy to follow recipe book that any one on any culinary level will be able to follow as each menu is laid out simply with tips included, it's the story of a family that loves to cook and eat , full of wonderful stories. Thanks for the most incredible cook book I have ever cooked from. Now I want to be part of your wonderful family ! I will be buying several copies for all my family and friends for Christmas, everyone who loves good food should have it in their collection.

From Noema Randolph

Overall experience 5 stars

Chiara and Mamma Agata, I love your cookbook! The pictures are just gorgeous and the recipes are easy to understand. I have made several recipes and everything is delicious. I had a most wonderful day at your cooking class and it will always be a highlight of my time in Italy. Best Wishes on your visit to New York!

From Giampietro RODELLA

Overall experience 5 stars

Un libro semplicemente ECCEZIONALE completo in tutto. Complimenti alla protagonista Mamma Agata, alla scrittrice la figlia Chiara Lima, al Papà, al marito ed anche ai figli Paola e Mario già destinati a diventare famosi. Ed allo staff che ha realizzato davvero un'opera darte. Con GASTRONOMICA simpatia, Giampietro Rodella - Collebeato Bs.
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