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Friday, June 28, 2013

Bring Italy and Mamma Agata into your home!!!

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays!!!!!

It is that time of year to pull out the sweaters and scarves and start warming up the house with some good hearty cooking!!

It is that time think for a UNIQUE gift for that special someone... or just if you want to treat yourself in a very special way...

We sincerely worked hard to create the best opportunity for you to BRING ITALY and Mamma Agata into your home...

We hope you will enjoy our December Newsletter, with wonderful news and special ideas to help you create the perfect Holiday!!

With love,

Chiara, Gennaro, Mamma Agata, Mario, Paola & Papà Salvatore

Let Mamma Agata help you this year... a gift directly from Italy!!!!

Mamma Agata's cookbook.....NOW shipping 50% OFF...

We are really...really thrilled to announce that finally...after long talking....meeting...handling with our local currier we are NOW able to ship from 1 to a maximum of 4 books to USA and Canada with 50% shipping reduction!!!!!!! To Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong with 30% reduction and to UK with a great discount....

NOW you can buy the Mamma Agata's cookbook "Simple and Genuine" almost at the same price as you would pay buying it from the BIG difference that you get it SIGNED and PERSONALIZED from all of us!!!!

You'll find many recipes for your Holidays in our cookbook Mamma Agata: Simple and Genuine, and we know you'll enjoy combining with love and passion Mamma Agata's family recipes with a taste of Italy with Mamma Agata's Pasta!!

OR...may be....

Mamma Agata's products....

We are also thrilled to announce you that FINALLY after sooo many requests from our students we are READY to ship Mamma Agata's products all over the world!

We prepared few special packages that would be perfect for your Holidays presents!

We have been able to secure good shipping costs for this too and you can also decide to send the package directly to your friends, relatives or colleagues! This would be a tasty surprise that everyone would love to receive!!! You will be able to have your own Italian Holidays at your home!

Bring the flavours of Mamma Agata and Gennaro's cooking into your own home and here are just a few pictures of the special offers available for sale NOW on our website!!

Please visit the Mamma Agata's Shop on our website for all the information on Mamma Agata's Products, or contact us directly at for details on special orders, multiple orders and shipping to other destinations ... we will be so happy to help!

Comments about our pasta...

We are sooo honoured that Mamma Agata's Pasta is having a sooo big success and we would love to share some comments from our students.

Here are just a few of the very kind words we have received about Mamma Agata's pasta ... but you simply must try it for yourself!!!!

"We received your wonderful pasta in the mail and couldn't wait to make Mamma Agata's Farmer's Spaghetti for our family the very same day! The flavors took us right back to your terrace overlooking the sea and the memories of our very special day cooking with you. Thank you for sharing Mamma Agata's pasta ... we will be ordering again soon!"

- The Thompson Family, Boston, USA

"There are simply no words to describe the goodness of your pasta ... I must tell you that the flavor of the grain is incredible. Mamma Agata's pasta is so good that it can be eaten without any type of sauce!"

- Veronica, Italy

"There is pasta ... and then there is TRUE Italian pasta! Mamma Agata's pasta continues the tradition of artisan made pasta that is heads and shoulders above regular store bought pasta. You have made my family very happy knowing we can enjoy a taste of Italy in our own home!"

- Robert, England

Wishing you all wonderful and Happy Holidays ahead!!!

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