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Mamma Agata's Cookbook: Simple and Genuine

The long anticipated culinary secrets of Mamma Agata are revealed! We invite you to stroll along side as she unveils the culinary secrets and recipes that have pleased the pallets of some of the world's most noted celebrities through the years! Our goal is to personally guide you through each recipe so that you have the necessary skills to recreate meals filled with the same delectable aromas, fresh ingredients and intense flavors that grace the kitchen of Mamma Agata!

Mamma Agata traditional durum wheat Pasta

Mamma Agata's pasta is proudly made with only the best durum wheat and follows ancient methods of preparation that guarantee a wonderful quality and flavor! The most delicious pasta begins with the type of wheat used, only the highest quality durum wheat produced exclusively in Italy. The hard durum wheat produces a pasta that can be cooked in the traditional Italian al dente style, just how Mamma Agata and Gennaro LOVE it!!

Each package of pappardelle or spaghetti weights 500 grams

Mamma Agata's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If there is one thing that is essential in our Italian kitchen besides LOVE and PASSION... it is Extra Virgin Olive Oil! In our family's kitchen it's a most treasured ingredient... one that is such an important part of our traditional family recipes. This Extra Virgin Olive oil is the key product of the famous Mediterranean Diet. The fresh aromas in this olive oil make it the ideal companion for all dishes!

Mamma Agata's Apron

Mamma Agata's Apron is a fun souvenir gift for everyone attending our cooking classes in Ravello. But it is also available to anyone who might like wear an emblazoned "certificate" of authentic Southern Italian culinary skills in their kitchens at home!

Perfect for family or friends who love Italian cooking, Mamma Agata's apron - or "grembiule" as it is called in Italian - also has "The Hidden Treasure" printed along the side. Mamma Agata's branded apron is made of quality white cotton, comfortably cut - one size fits all - with long tie strings. For yourself, or as a gift for a special cook in your life!

Mamma Agata's Dolce al Limone Package

Prepare Mamma Agata's famous Dolce al Limone (Lemon Cake) in your own home with the same exact cake pan Mamma uses!! We'll include as a gift flour and Pane degli Angeli baking powder just like Mamma Agata uses... enough for your first three lemon cakes!!!

Dolce al Limone package "SMALL"
Includes: Fluted cake pan, 3 packages of Pane degli Angeli baking powder & ½kg of Type 00 Flour

Dolce al Limone package "BIG"
Includes: Fluted cake pan, 5 packages of Pane degli Angeli baking powder & 1kg of Type 00 Flour

Mamma Agata's Shopping Bag

You do not need to carry plastic bags... enjoy shopping with your comfortable Mamma Agata's Shopping bag... perfect for transporting your item from the market or shops to your house!

Wild Cappers under Salt

It is a JOY for us to share with you Mamma Agata's capers from this summer!!!! Cappers bushes grow in the most AMAZING places! On the Amalfi Coast you will see them often growing on walls... even in the tiniest of cracks!! Gennaro watches the caper buds each day as they begin to grow... to find just the perfect time to pick them and preserve them under Sea Salt

Rosemary and Sage

Let's prepare your own chicken with Lemon into your home for friends and relatives during the next Winter Holiday! You can have the same aroma of Mamma Agata's one floating into your kitchen!

Wild Mountain Oregano

Our wild mountain oregano is harvested and dried in the hottest sun of August... Its intense and fresh flavor will give your dishes a special touch! A must for your Spaghetti of the Farmer or sprinkled on your pizza or caprese salad!

Mamma Agata Jared Tomatoes Purè
(Limited Production)

For centuries making the tomatoes preserve was and important family tradition for Mamma Agata's family and have been passed down through the generations! We can every year about 1000 bottles of tomato puree which will be used during the winter period! As we always say, the tomato puree is a key ingredients in the Mediterranean cuisine!

Mamma Agata's Sun Dried tomatoes kit

Create your own jar of sun dried tomatoes with the best ingredients directly from the Amalfi Coast! Delight your and your guests palate with a wonderful appetizer together with fresh bread! The kit includes our sun dried tomatoes, cappers under sea salt, dried garlic, oregano and basil plus our special traditional recipe for preparing it!

Mamma Agata's dried Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms are one of God's great gifts to Humanity, a mushroom delicate enough to flavor a sauce, a risotto or meat... really the best solution to create many successful dishes and enjoy them with friends and family!

Mamma Agata's Red Hell

A handy and versatile sauce which goes down a treat with everything from pasta to even chocolate.

You just need to adjust the "temperature" to your preference!

Mediterranean Sea Salt

This particular Sea Salt is harvested in the South of Italy, where they have been producing salt since 200 B.C. Mediterranean sea salt never contains added minerals or chemicals as the flavor is directly influenced by the minerals present in the water. The merits of the Mediterranean Sea Salt versus regular table salt are that the first one milder than regular table salt because it contains less sodium chloride per serving and the additives in table salt can negatively affect the flavor of their dishes.

Mamma Agata's Ceramics

Southern Italian cooking you know about, of course - increasingly & rightly popular in all over the world. But an important part of creating "the real thing" - truly traditional cucina - is the local pottery dishes on which it is served at the table everywhere on the Amalfi Coast.

Mamma Agata's authentic local dishes are served on her own colourful, custom-designed, authentically local tableware that our students love!

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