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Monday, August 5, 2013 9:45:43 AM

One of my favourite shops in Ravello, is without any dubt the Cameo Factory, in the main square, right under the Duomo of Ravello.

They have the MOST amazing cameos... corals... earrings... something that you can treasure forever and pass to your kids, as cameos become more precious year after year!!!

The owner, Giorgio, and his family are very dear friend of mine and I am sure they will also show you their private museum inside the shop with a rich family collection. Really a MUST DO! They combine the beauty of precious handmade jewels with the culture and the passion that Giorgio puts into all his masterpieces!

I personally have an hard time when I walk into the shop... all my most precious earrings are from his shop and I am proud of my unique piece of art!

Giorgio and his wonderful museum have been visited in Ravello, during his long career, from many famous people, such as: Hilary Clinton, Dustin Hoffman, Pierce Brosnan, Wynona Ryder, Nicholas Cage and many other celebrities.

I am really in love and continuously fascinated from the story and the passion that Giorgio shares with people from more than 30 years. He started, thanks to a family tradition, to carve cameos from shells and preparing jewels with corals and he does it still today, all made by hand, giving life to unique pieces that are well more than simple jewels!

When you will visit him, feel free to mention my name and he will have extra care of you!!!

piazza Duomo, 9 - 84010 RAVELLO (SA) - Italia
tel. +39 089 857461 - e-mail: info@museodelcorallo.com


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