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Mamma Agata's Ceramics


Southern Italian cooking you know about, of course - increasingly & rightly popular in all over the world. But an important part of creating "the real thing" - truly traditional cucina - is the local pottery dishes on which it is served at the table everywhere on the Amalfi Coast. Some of the ceramics are also rightly esteemed - notably from the town of Vietri sul Mare, but also from Ravello & elsewhere. De rigeur - never anything else - Mamma Agata's authentic local dishes are served on her own colourful, custom-designed, authentically local tableware that our students love!

These exclusive plates are available for purchase, and many of our cooking class & wine class guests have taken them home for a distinctive, "proper" serving of their own "Italian Kitchen" cuisine. They also make special, uniquely Amalfitan gifts to family and friends on the special occasions of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries - or for no other reason than a very special present!


1 Small Ø cm 07
2 Medium Ø cm 09
3 Large Ø cm 12
4 Salad Ø cm 26

Oval Plates

1 Small Ø cm 27
2 Medium Ø cm 32

Large Oval Plate

Masterpiece Ø cm 50

Large plate for starters

Large Plate with 7 little appetizer plates Ø cm 50




Underplate Ø cm 31

Dinner plate Ø cm 29

Salad/Dessert Ø cm 19




Cup for coffee with plate and cover

Cup for tea with plate


Tea cup infuser




1 Large teapots (4 cups serving)
2 Small teapots (2 cups serving)

Milk Pitchers

Pottery biscuit tin

Salt Shaker and Pepper Shaker

Oil Cruet and Vinegar Cruet


Oil Cruets


1 Large Cruet

2 Small Cruet

Spoon Rest

Napkin Holder



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We ship all over the World and we will be happy to customize your order!

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