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Mamma Agata Cookbook 5th Ed.!

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From Debbie and Andre Santangelo

Overall experience 5 stars

Bon Giorno Chiara and Mamma! I had to write you a note to thank you so much for your cooking class! I loved it so much - it was the highlight of my trip to Italy. We will definitely plan to come back and will come to see you both! Thank you for opening your home and your hearts to our family. We were very blessed to have this opportunity to travel together and to attend your class. Thanks again for all your love and hospitality! We're cooking with passion here in Jacksonville! Love, Debbie and Andre Santangelo

From Cindy Schartel

Overall experience 5 stars

To Mama Agata and Chiara Thank you, thank you for the wonderful day we spent with you! I have been cooking your recipes since returning back to Florida...I still look at the pictures and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of your family for a day of fun, learning and beauty...I would love to get a group of friends together and do it all again. It was such a pleasure and It was a lifetime experience I am looking foward to repeating. Thank you again for your kind welcome and we will see you in America! New York comes Mama Agata's book and Chiara...and so will that diamond! Cindy Schartel Gulf Breeze, FL

From Dawn Lawson

Overall experience 5 stars

Dear Chiara, The cookbook just arrived, and it is a culinary delight! It is so visually appealing, I am immediately transported back to your lovely and hospitable home. Our day with you all is a memory we carry with such fondness. The photos are gorgeous and the cookbook is a loving tribute to your whole family; what a treasure to have such love and warmth documented for all to enjoy. It is a stunning book and you should take great pride in the achievement. Kailey and I look forward to cooking our way through, from cover to cover. You are truly spreading the love and the passion, and for that, we say, "Grazie!" The Lawson Family

From Sharon Brewer

Overall experience 5 stars

Dear Chiara , I "devoured" your entire cook book and loved the interspersing of the recipes with stories of each family member. What is so touching is that you found a way to keep this beautiful place you call home through the generations and now so graciously share it with so many others - even if just for a day at a time! You made the cook book recipes easy and inviting to follow for North Americans (just wish we could get 000 flour!). The recipes I have done are delicious and always a big hit with our friends. In Vancouver we can now get a fantastic dried peppardelle that is as close as the one we tasted at Mamma Agata's. But....the tomatoes at Mamma Agata's cannot be equalled in this Pacific Northwest climate!! We just have to go back to Mamma Agata's!

From Valerie Eves

Overall experience 5 stars

Dear Chiara, Mama Agata's cook book arrived! First I read it cover to cover to meet Mama and the family. I enjoyed every page and photo! Simply wonderful! Now to go back and savor the recipes and the history that goes with them. Then to begin! I don't think of myself as a person who cares that much for sweets (except for chocolate and gelato) but honestly I can't wait to try making the lemon cake! Please give my congratulations to Mama and everyone else involved in the making of this cookbook. It feels like a gift from the heart of one family to the hearts of all of us who love the people and food of Italy. Grazie mille per tutti! I will try to cook with love and passion, the best ingredients! Valerie Eves Bend, Oregon
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