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From Jennifer Murphy Turner Turner

Stay period September 2011

Travel aim Quality time with family

Booking method Other

Overall experience 5 stars

This time we spent with Mamma Agata was one of the treasures of my journey through Italy that started outside of Milan, on Lago Majore and ended on the Amalfi Coast at Mamma Agata's beautiful home. The food was out of this world. She grows all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that cooks with in a large terraced garden that ends at the sea. There are various citrus trees and an abundance of seasonal produce. She took my hand and guided me through this garden of Eden explaining all of the different varieties of produce and flowers...the best thing was she taught me how to make limoncello, using her recipe. Mama I'll always be thankful for having met you and your daughter. Your graciousness meant so much to my mom, my Aunt Linda, and me. Eating a spectacular lunch on your terrace, there is no way I can truly describe the beauty. I have enjoyed your recipes, also.

From Mary Griffin

Stay period September 2011

Travel aim Quality time with friends

Booking method

Overall experience 5 stars

Hello to everyone at mama agatas. Thank you from the 4 Irish ladies who took part in your cookery class on sept 6th... It was the highlight of our trip to the amalfi coast. What a wonderful day. Chiara, you were such a sweet and fun person, we loved you. We hope to meet again, maybe here in Ireland . I am making some of my tomato sauce just now, but as it has been so cold this year in Ireland that quite a lot of my tomatoes are still green... I think this year green tomato chutney will be on the menu a lot! Ciao Mary Maire Ger and Olivia

From Bruce & Jill Shefsky

Stay period September 2011

Travel aim Romantic getaway

Booking method TripAdvisor

Overall experience 5 stars

Thank you Chiara and Mama Agata for a truly unforgetable day in your beautiful home. I can honestly say that for the first time I am looking forward to spending time in the kitchen!

From Kathleen Butler

Stay period August 2011

Travel aim Romantic getaway

Booking method Mamma Agata website

Overall experience 5 stars

We had a wonderful day, and inspired by the instruction (and guided by the steps in your cookbook) spent the day bottling tomatoes yesterday :) Thank you for a wonderful experience! :) Kathy & Allan Butler

From Julie Brady

Stay period June 2011

Travel aim Hobbies / Interest / Culture

Booking method Other

Overall experience 5 stars

It was either 2009/2010 that I had traveled with two girlfriends with the travel coordinator Beverly Gruber. Thank Goodness Mamma Agata was included in the cooking tour. It was definitely an experience to be remembered. Chiara was an absolute professional but so friendly, we felt like family. I would definitely highly recommend.
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